dsc_1433-e1383857914260Growing up in Colorado, I really love snow, but even I’ve had my fill of the snow we’ve gotten here in NYC. Yesterday I stomped through slushy puddles on my way to the studio in Brooklyn and there is too much of it! By the time I started singing, it was snowing again. But apparently watching it snow is really good for recording because I had the best vocal recording experience of my life… while watching the snow fall outside. It was so beautiful and serene, watching it all fluffy and dazzlingly white, dimly lit up by the street lamp at night. It was exactly what I needed to help me get over my “Red Light Syndrome”. I hate to say it, but sometimes I suffer from that evil, nervous, voice tightening, red light syndrome thing that occurs only when the red recording light comes on. It’s when you know you’re being documented forever and ever, and you want to get things just right, which usually trips you up instead. With some great mood lighting, I’m usually warmed up and over it within an hour, but yesterday the snow did just the trick. I watched the snow gently falling outside and it was so beautiful that it helped me remember that the blessing was getting another day to do something I love more than anything. And my voice responded! It took only one run through of the song before we were recording some great takes. I had the best time singing and I’m so proud of what will be documented forever and ever! Thanks to Dave, as always, who is a great vocal producer and my brilliant voice teacher, Tom Burke – – who has helped me learn so much about my voice in the last few months! I can’t wait until the next recording session – We don’t really need any more snow up here, but maybe just next Saturday from 3-7pm will be fine.

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