2 New Reviews for Talk To Me!

I just got some great new reviews for Talk To Me!! Check it out!

Inside World Music:
Markeisha’s soulful and swaying ballads feature doo wop melodies, jazz interludes, and New York City’s classic, vocal melting pot conjures up images of smoky clubs and timeless lyrics on her latest release, Talk To Me. The gospel-tinged ballads feature classic rhythms and moods that can only be created by Markeisha.
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Matheson’s Entertainment Blog:
You may have heard of the fabulous singer named Markeisha Ensley, but if you haven’t you’re missing out. Like Alicia Keys before her, Markeisha is not only a fine singer, she can also play the piano. But as a teacher and an artist as well, this New York-based singer-songwriter has so much to offer. With the style of music that Markeisha creates, it’s only a matter of time before the whole world becomes familiar with this up-and-coming musical artist.
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